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Video Banking Celebrates 3 Years

Video Banking Celebrates 3 Years

Earlier this month, the Video Bankers celebrated 3 years since Video Banking technology was introduced to customers at First Security. During the first week of June, a different trivia question scrolled across the screen of our ITMs as customers were working with a Video Banker. Each person that attempted to answer a question had their name put in a drawing for a prize. Three winners were chosen in honor of their three-year anniversary—two are featured below, Marcia Carroll and Teresa Miller. Carroll’s prize was a Kindle Fire 7 and Miller walked away with a $40 gift card. Our third prize was an Amazon Echo Dot.

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Bre Knowles, Video Banker, presenting a Kindle Fire 7 to Marcia Caroll.   Jessica Hartwell, Video Banking, presenting a $40 gift card to Teresa Miller.


We appreciate everyone’s attempts to answer the questions, because they weren’t easy! The trivia questions are listed here:

  1. Where was our first machine installed?
    • Charles City
  2. How many sessions did we have in our first year?
    • 18,219
  3. How many locations do we have that offer video banking?
    • 8 – Charles City, Hampton, Rockwell, Rockford, Riceville, Manly, Thornton, Nora Springs
  4. What is our average session time?
    • 1 minute 32 seconds
  5. How many customers have we helped since the beginning of Video Banking?
    • 135,000

Next time you visit a Video Banker, be sure to look closely at the scrolling text on the screen. You never know if they’re up to something fun!

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