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Who Should Settle Your Estate?

Who Should Settle Your Estate?

Everyone’s estate must be settled, whether or not the owner leaves a valid will.

The privilege of choosing an executor is, in itself, one of the significant advantages of making your will.

In a financial sense, the executor or personal representative you name in your will to settle your estate is your successor.

At your death this successor must take over the helm so far as your property is concerned. An executor bears the responsibility for carrying out the instructions contained in your will and for taking all the other steps necessary to wind up or settle your estate.

Within one or two years, as a rule, your executor must gather together all the property you own; find out what you owe and pay all debts, including taxes and the expense of settling your estate; and distribute what remains to your family or others, as you direct.

A fully qualified executor

Of all the property-management services offered by a modern trust institution such as ours, none fills a greater need than estate settlement. We understand the broad responsibilities an executor must bear, and we are well qualified to carry out those responsibilities.

Constant availability

With many things to do in only a limited time, your executor should always be on duty at a fixed location, always able to serve regardless of the pressure of other business, sickness, vacations or death.

With our long history of personal service, we’re available to you and your heirs—for generations to come.

Financial responsibility

Regardless of high integrity, your executor should be able, if necessary, to make good financially. Consequently, very often an executor must be bonded at the expense of the estate.

Because of our known financial strength and experience, surety bonds are frequently not required of us as executor.


Your executor should know beforehand what to do, and when and how—and should not have to learn his or her duties at the possible expense of your estate.

In the course of settling many estates through the years, we have met and solved almost every conceivable kind of estate problem.

Turn to your Trust and Investment professionals at First Security for guidance.


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