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15 Things to Keep in Your Car This Winter

15 Things to Keep in Your Car This Winter

And though you can’t predict what you’ll encounter in the road ahead, you can prepare for your safety by packing your car with these must-have items:

  1. Auto club card. If you belong to an auto club, such as AAA, make sure you have your membership card easily accessible.
  2. Jumper cables. There's nothing worse than getting into a cold car that won't start because of a dead battery. Make sure you prepare for it by equipping your car with a set of jumper cables.
  3. Kitty litter. You don't have to have a cat to appreciate the value of kitty litter. It's ideal for gaining traction on ice and slippery surfaces, and for absorbing oil spills.
  4. Spare tire. With potholes and construction areas, you never know what trouble your tires may encounter. Make sure you have a spare tire with you at all times, as well as a jack and lug wrench to change it.
  5. Flashlight. It's always a smart idea to have a good working flashlight and a spare set of batteries.
  6. Flares or hazard triangles. This will ensure you are visible to fellow passengers in the event your car breaks down at night.
  7. Blanket. Pack a heavy wool blanket to keep you warm in the event you are stranded and your heater doesn't work.
  8. Spare change of clothes. Be sure to include extra gloves and socks.
  9. Umbrella. If you have to leave your car in rainy weather and walk to get help, an umbrella will keep you covered.
  10. Ice scraper and brush. All your windows should be free from ice. Also make sure you have a brush to clear snow off your car.
  11. Shovel. In the event you get plowed in, make sure you have a way to dig out.
  12. USB charger and portable battery. If you run into trouble, you'll be able to call for help if your phone is charged.
  13. Water and energy bars. Ensure you stay nourished and hydrated in the event that you become stranded in your car.
  14. Wiper fluid. You never know how much you need your wiper fluid until you run out of it. Be sure to keep an extra gallon in your trunk to ensure you have your fill.
  15. Duct tape. It can temporarily affix anything, including broken mirrors or headlights.

Be prepared! Load up your car for winter today.

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