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First Security Bank Announces Heather Meyer Retirement

First Security Bank Announces Heather Meyer Retirement

After a 38 year career with First Security, Heather Meyer, Assistant Vice President/Trust Officer, plans to retire on Monday, August 3rd.

Meyer was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico. However, at one month old she moved back to her mother’s hometown, Charles City. She was raised in Charles City and attended Charles City High School.

As a high school upperclassman, she had the opportunity to participate in a program that allowed her to start using her last two class periods to get a head start in a career. She chose to start in finance at First Security in August of 1982.

Meyer started in bookkeeping and soon began training to work as extra help at the drive up on extra busy Friday afternoons. She remembers the drive up having 4 lanes that could be completely backed up.

“That’s one thing that I’ve seen change,” said Meyer. “With the advancement of technology, more and more people have been able to do banking on their own. The drive up is not nearly as packed as it once was.”

She would also help at the Teller line when the department was short staffed during other times of the year. However, after one year, she found her niche with the Trust Department. After six months of on-the-job training, a Trust employee retired and Heather moved into that position. In March of 1992, she was promoted to Assistant Vice President/Trust Officer.

Meyer has found her job rewarding over the years. She’s helped clients when they couldn’t care for themselves and they didn’t have anyone else to rely on.

“There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes with helping clients,” said Meyer. “I feel happy that clients have been able to put their trust in me when they need help making difficult decisions or need assistance in managing their finances.”

Meyer even fulfilled a client’s dying wish—making sure their beloved cat was taken care of. She took in the cat and cared for it as her own. 

“Over the past thirty-eight years, Heather has become an integral part of our bank family and the families of many Trust customers as well. She’s going to be missed very, very deeply,” said Kurt Herbrechtsmeyer, President/CEO of First Security Bank. “We’re very happy for her, though, as she can now have more time to spend with her family and enjoying all of the new opportunities that retirement will bring.”

After retirement, Meyer plans to spend more time doing the things she enjoys. She loves to buy and read books, shop, and cook. She especially will enjoy spending time with her family. She and her partner, Steve Cerwinske, recently moved to Nashua and look forward to spending more time on the water. They’ll also enjoy extended trips to see Heather’s daughter, Cassidy, and her son-in-law, Tyler, who live in North Dakota with their 18 month old. Meyer also has a son, Cody. Cody and his wife, Sarah, live closer to home and recently welcomed a baby girl to their family.

First Security Bank & Trust has locations across North Central Iowa and headquarters in Charles City. Member FDIC.

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