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First Security Donates $2500 to Charles City Police Department

First Security Donates $2500 to Charles City Police Department

April 13th, 2021: First Security recently donated $2,500 toward the Charles City Police Department’s body camera fundraising campaign.

Until recently, Charles City’s 14 police officers only had access to 4 cameras. Due to the limited amount, the officers would have to check their camera in and out at the start and end of each shift.

“One of the issues is the officers come on shift and things start to happen pretty quickly, so it’s easy not to have time to grab a body camera for checkout,” commented Charles City Police Chief Hugh Anderson.

Although there is no law requiring police to wear body cameras, the Charles City Police Department believes the transparency they provide is important. They’ve felt this way for years. In fact, they were one of the first agencies in Iowa to use in-car cameras.

“The two cameras together give a better view for the public, for the prosecutor, for the defense, for everybody,” continued Anderson. “It’s for protection of officers and protection of the public.”

That’s why it became a goal to raise enough money for every officer to have a camera as part of their uniform, from the beginning of their shift until the end of it. Due to the success of the department’s fundraising campaign, they are increasing the number of body cameras on-hand to 20. That number provides enough for each officer as well as extra for reserve officers.

The body cameras themselves came to a total of $11,000. However, funds were also used to pay for editing software and digital storage for video files. Thanks to contributors like First Security, other businesses, and private donations, the police department is no longer seeking donations for this project.

“We’re very grateful for the way the public, the businesses, and everybody came forward and donated to this effort,” said Anderson.

To learn more about the body camera project, check out this YouTube video featuring Chief Hugh Anderson:

For those that still wish to contribute to the Charles City Police Department, it’s not too late. The department maintains a fund to make use of donations. The fund is used to pay for educational and promotional items, such as anti-bullying and anti-drug materials, which are then given to local schools and children. Donations are also used to fund the Citizens’ Police Academy.

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