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Introducing Two-Way Text Alerts

Introducing Two-Way Text Alerts

That’s why we protect your cards with a state-of-the-art fraud monitoring system. The network keeps an eye on your transactions and, if it sees something unusual, asks you to confirm the purchase.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You get a text asking if you made the suspect purchase.
  2. You reply with a text back.

Simple. Easy. And Quick.

After all, your card is a seamless part of what happens in your daily life. And knowing exactly what’s happening with a card should be just as simple. So, make sure you’re using the card that texts you. After you confirm your enrollment in Fraud Text Alerts you’ll get a text notification whenever a suspicious transaction appears on your card.

For example, if the network sees a purchase in a distant city, you’ll receive a text asking if it was a legitimate transaction. If you’re visiting that city on vacation and recognize the purchase, you can text back and let us know that all is well. The text can also serve as a good reminder to call us and let us know that you’re away from home. That way, we can put a travel note on your account. This way, the network doesn’t continue to suspect fraud each time it sees a purchase in an unusual location.

It’s fraud protection that’s as easy and seamless as the way you use your card to live your life in the moment. It’s the power of a two-way conversation between you and your card.

It’s the power of simplicity.

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