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Lessons in Voting

Lessons in Voting

Here are some tips for helping young kids understand voting:

  • Explain to your children that voting is about choices and ensuring you have a voice on the issues that are important to you.
  • Talk to them about the choices you have and how you make your voting decisions.
  • Conduct a family vote. Make a ballot by writing down choices for a favorite meal or weekend activity and having kids check off their preference. Then, count the family votes. Explain to your kids that the majority wins and that even if their choice was not selected, they had a say.
  • Explain that voting is a privilege in America and that in some countries, people do not have this opportunity.
  • Inform kids that a large percentage of people in America don't exercise their right to vote, which prevents them in having a say about the candidates and issues.
  • Take your children to vote with you. This will help them understand how the voting and balloting process works.
  • Discuss the results after the election, and how your candidates performed.

Teaching your children about voting will help them become informed citizens, which is a future win for them — and for all.

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