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These days, receiving your bank statements by mail is like traveling by stagecoach - it will work, but there are easier alternatives. This electronic service is convenient, secure, and saves trees too!


  • A convenient, safe, and FREE way to receive your statements!
  • Receive monthly statement sooner than by mail
  • Peace of mind knowing statements won’t get lost in the mail
  • Email alerts notify you when statements are available
  • Store all of your statements conveniently in one spot
  • Statements are protected by a secure site and password

With eStatements, you can access your account information online anytime. Plus, there's less chance of fraud since there's no paper copy to lose, and they're available sooner than by mail. Go green and sign up for eStatements today!

How to Enroll

  1. Contact any Retail Advisor to assist you.
  2. Confirmation email is sent to verify account holder’s email address.
  3. Account holder receives email upon receipt of first statement. This will provide the link from which to register (Save the Mail code provided in this email).
  4. To enroll, click “register” on the right-hand side.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions (two check marks).
  6. Input key code to test your computer for the appropriate software. This code pops up below the Key code field.
  7. Input mail code, email address, account number, and PIN number.
  8. Create a username.
  9. Select security word from list.
  10. Create a password.
  11. Successful enrollment results in account holder receiving an email containing the link for logging in and viewing eStatements (save to your favorites).
  12. Please remember that Online Banking and eStatements are two different websites and, possibly, require two different passwords.