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Frequently Asked Questions

Meservey & Swaledale Offices

  1. Why are these offices being closed?


    This was a difficult but important decision. The cost of maintaining a banking office continues to rise because of compliance and regulatory requirements. We can’t open an office for three hours a day with very limited customer traffic.



  2. What is the time table?

    Both locations will close after the end of business Wednesday, December 7, 2016.

  3. What changes do I need to make as a result of this?

    You may continue banking with us without making any changes.

  4. How can I bank with First Security without coming into a banking office?

    We offer Free telephone banking, online banking, mobile banking, mobile deposit and extended teller services from 7AM-7PM Monday-Friday and 7AM-1PM on Saturdays at Rockwell and Hampton.

  5. When will these offices be closed?

    Wednesday, December 7, 2016

  6. What about my safe deposit box?

    We will be contacting all safe deposit box customers directly about several options to continue using this service at another convenient location.

  7. Is my bank account still insured by the FDIC?


  8. What will First Security be doing with the building they are vacating?

    We will be looking for a productive alternative for these buildings that will benefit the community.

  9. Why has there been no public hearing on this issue?

    This is not a public matter, as First Security is not a public entity.

  10. What will happen with the employees at those two offices?

    All employees will remain with First Security and you will see the same faces you are accustomed to when you visit the bank.

  11. How do I contact your primary regulator?

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

    Kansas City Regional Office

    1100 Walnut Street, Suite 2100

    Kansas City, MO 64106

    (816) 234-8000

  12. How can I make a deposit outside of going to a branch?

    We offer mobile deposit, direct deposit and bank by mail.

  13. How can I reorder checks for my account?

    Simply call 800-272-0159 or visit our website

  14. Will my debit card still work?

    Yes. There will be no interruption of your banking services.

  15. How can I obtain cash?

    At any ATM or point of sale terminal. We offer extended service hours 7am – 7pm at our video banking drive-thru in Rockwell, Hampton and coming soon in Thornton.